In the ever growing, ever developing field of corporate wellness it’s important to stay relevant, knowledgeable and credible, which is what the CCWS® has done for me. Being recognized with the CCWS® qualification ensures I’m on top of best practices and understand customized wellness programs, which further provides confidence to fulfill my responsibilities and support our employees on their path to overall well-being.
Katy Keene, Manager of Employee Programs, Crowley Maritime Corporation
I highly recommend the Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist® Course to anyone and everyone involved in corporate health and wellness, from Exercise Physiologists to Personal Trainers to HR management. The course videos are robust with information, as is the ‘Engaging Wellness’ book and course summary workbook. The exam is certainly not easy, but the course and the book will prepare you appropriately.
Jennifer White, Fitness Center Coordinator, Health Fitness Corporation
I have a strong passion to learn and a desire to help people whenever possible. This certification provides me with a sense of accomplishment in my pursuit to be a lifelong learner and a feeling of confidence to design a wellness program that can improve the wellbeing of others.
Eleni Levins, Human Resources Administrative Assistance, Universal Technical Resources Services, Inc
After diving into the curriculum for the Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist®, I realized how valuable the program is to anyone in a corporate wellness position. Best practices, legal issues, population health, standards and learning about how top programs have structured their wellness programs was invaluable to me!
Carrie Kass Company, Partner, Wellness Data Solutions, LLC
It’s important to me to have the opportunity to obtain my Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist® because it put me in a good light with my peers and the marketplace. It also adds to the credentials of the individuals at our organization, so when we go into the boardroom of prospective clients, they understand that we know what we’re talking about.
Alison Sugg, Strategic Solutions Consultant, Viverae, Inc
I made a presentation yesterday to a large corporation. When I told them that I was a Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist® they said, ‘We want to do business with you because you know what you’re talking about’.
Alex Hixon, VP of Business Development, The Physicians Weigh
I have been involved in the healthcare industry for over 20 years and have seen the growth and evolution of corporate wellness programs. After exploring the curriculum for the Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist® and attending the annual conference I realized how much there is to learn and how valuable this program is for anyone supporting corporate wellness programs. The course provided insight into the ever changing legal and regulatory environment in addition to providing me with an opportunity to meet and network with leaders in the industry.
Daphne Bascom - Chief Medical Officer , Cerner
I decided to pursue my CCWS certification after several years of assisting with our wellness program and I decided it was time to take ownership of the program and move into more of a leadership position. The certification allows others to see how personally invested I am in this role and dedicated to bringing them the most current information in the field of wellness.
Bailey Duke - Health & Wellness Coordinator, Southern Pipe & Supply Co.
The realm of Healthy Wellbeing and Wellness is ever changing and by going through the CCWS program and obtaining certification it has given me the knowledge and additional expertise to take our internal and external programming to the next level. Healthy Wellbeing is not a “one size fits all” and obtaining certification has provided our organization and myself a skill set and “brand-ability” to assist our employee’s and the community we serve to be the best form of “you” they can be
Stefanie Knisley - Wellness Outreach Specialist, Berger Health System
The corporate wellness field is rapidly growing and there is much to be aware of. The course material for the Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist (CCWS) covers a lot of information from best practices, legal issues, strategic planning, key metrics, and so much more. Learning the comprehensive materials to pass the exam has helped me to provide a higher level of service to my clients.
Nathan Walz, Owner, Journey to Optimal Health
As a leader in the field of corporate wellness, it is important to understand best practice, current wellness trends, benefit plan design and the legal implications of a corporate wellness program. The CCWS course provided me with the information I need to run an effective wellness program within our healthcare system. Being recognized as a CCWS has given me more credibility in the field of corporate wellness.
Kathryn Menard-Rothe, Manager Wellness Works, Human Resources, Froedtert Health
I was very excited for the opportunity to go through the CCWS online certification. I have other wellness certifications and I think there is always more to learn, because things are always changing. It was valuable to hear real examples from others in the field on what they are doing, what’s worked and what hasn’t, and being able to apply key takeaways to your own programs.
Missy Jenson, MS, CWWPM Senior Wellness Consultant, Erin P. Collins & Associates Inc.
Health and Wellness has always been a big part of who I am in both my personal life and wellness focused career. Taking the CCWS® course has provided me not only security and ability to grow in my personal life and career, but the knowledge and confidence needed to assist my organization and its employees in our mission of overall well-being for ourselves and the communities we serve. I look forward to continued growth through Corporate Health and Wellness Association in the ever changing world of wellness.
Dawn Gillispie, Coordinator, Wellness Programs at Beacon Health System