Engaging Wellness: Corporate Wellness Programs That Work

With health care costs perpetually increasing, life expectancy rising, and more and more people working beyond the retirement age, businesses around the world are turning to corporate wellness programs to maintain a healthy, functioning workforce at a minimal cost.

“Engaging Wellness: Corporate Wellness Programs That Work” provides key insight from over 50 leading industry experts on how to successfully implement, operate, and measure a corporate wellness program. It details successful case studies from small, mid-sized, and large scale employers, explaining the defining factors in each instance. PLUS! It also lays out how to engage and motivate employees, offer relevant incentives, and cover every aspect of program management.

This comprehensive course book contains 561 pages, spread across 16 chapters, detailing current best practices in corporate wellness and well-being. It serves as the definitive learning supplement for the Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist® program, and comes complete with exam review questions at the end of each chapter. The book accounts for approximately 25% of the questions found on the final exam, and is available in hardcopy on  Amazon for $80 . It can also be purchased for Kindle, Nook and iTunes for $35 . For more detailed information on this book, including chapter details, please visit Engaging Wellness